THe treaty enters into force on 22nd January 2021

From this time, the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban will be binding on all of the states that have signed up, and its impact will be felt all across the world. People in the UK need to have the facts about the TPNW in order to challenge the UK Government and dispel any idea that this treaty will not be as effective as the ones that banned chemical warfare, biological attacks and the landmines that have maimed and disfigured children.

Prohibition treaties are a prequel to elimination . Even when they are not signed, they create questions and lead to reputational damage for states that ignore them. The US never signed the landmine treaty but the global understanding of them now means that the US cannot use, fund or manufacture them.

The TPNW is comprehensive and unambiguous in its prohibitions and its positive obligations..

In addition to contacting one of the UK partner organisations in the UK and getting involved in their work to support the TPNW, there are actions that you can take in writing to the press or contacting your elected representatives about why the UK should becoma a signatory. Learn more from the main international site, and follow ICAN in the UK on facebook and twitter.